Uniformed Services Host Schools Competition

Uniformed Services, Law & Criminology

On Thursday 14 December, our Uniformed Services Academy held their annual Schools Competition, with 88 students from our local schools taking part in a variety of challenges and team-building exercises.

Nine different schools took part and students made their way through different stations, all with challenges including fitness, teamwork and puzzles. The teams collected points as they went and it all culminated in a Beep Test, with the final two students running receiving maximum points. The points were totaled up and the winners awarded prizes - medals, a trophy and chocolates.

The Gregg School came out on top, with Swanmore College in second place and Cantell School in third.  Congratulations to all!

The day was run by our Uniformed Services Students who had been planning the event for months beforehand. It offered our local schools a chance to visit Itchen, see the work that the Uniformed Services Academy do and hopefully inspired the students to consider careers in the services. It also provided an opportunity to build their confidence, enhance their teamwork skills and have fun whilst doing it. 

Thank you to the following schools for participating:

We're already planning the next competition, which will be taking place on Thursday 13 December 2018. Please contact Mark Hughes and the Uniformed Services Academy on us@itchen.ac.uk if you're a school who would like to take part.