Art Show 2015

Visual & Performing Arts

Students, staff and parents gathered in the Student Centre yesterday for the launch of our Art Show 2015. Before the gallery was opened to the public, Art & Design Learning Area Manager Mike Viana made a speech. He credited the hard work of the Art & Design students, the staff which worked tirelessly throughout the year, and the LSAs who supported the students.

Mike Viana continued to present awards to students who had been nominated by their teachers for outstanding work. Every department had their own nominees, with the winners gaining an Itchen Sixth Form College engraved award.

Once the awards were over, the crowd were clearly excited to go and see the show, with masses of people heading for the gallery as soon as it was officially open. The Art department put on a food and drink spread, although many people were too awestruck by the artwork displayed to notice!

The Art Show also unveiled new and exciting information about Itchen's Creative Arts Academy, which will officially be launched in October 2015. There were banners and flyers, with many first year students eager to see what would await them as part of the Academy next year.

Overall the launch was a huge success, with plenty of students praising other people's work. The Art department even encouraged the audience to put blue stickers by their favourite piece, which meant blue stickers were seen throughout the show.