Artists Work with Student Clients

Visual & Performing Arts

Lots of our Art & Design students got involved with the launch of the Creative Arts Academy, with Photography and Graphics students even getting to work with students as clients.

Our Photography students found themselves in the midst of chaos on Tuesday 3 November as they tried to co-ordinate enthusiastic actors and musicians in the brand new photography studio.

The event was part of Itchen’s Creative Arts Academy launch, in which students from across the college were off timetable to pursue creative projects between Monday 2 November and Wednesday 4 November. The photography students were collaborating with actors and musicians from Performing Arts for their project.

The actors were up first, taking headshots for each individual. Headshots are a big part of gaining employment for performing artists. They also need to show a range from the actors, which meant photographers had the hard task of keeping students serious and making them laugh in the next shot.

Next up were the musicians, whose large band sizes and equipment proved quite tricky to get in the whole shot. In a surreal moment from behind the closed curtain of the studio, photographers and the musicians entered a debate as to how best to get a piano in!

The experience is a great chance for photographers to not only co-ordinate with each other, but get a feel for what it might be like working with clients in the future.

Curriculum manager for Photography, Tim Riggs, said it was great how students were given the chance ‘to put together all their knowledge’ and run the shoot independently. He added that it was ‘fantastic to see the studio being used so aggressively by students, as it should be’.

Our Graphics and Textiles students were also busy getting stuck in with their projects. Graphics students were collaborating with the Music students to design and create CD jackets for their albums. Much like Photography, the event provided a great client to designer experience for the students which replicate exactly what they would face in industry. Our Textiles students were getting involved too, wearing their Creative Arts Academy t-shirts with pride as they worked on their coursework.

We look forward to seeing what other opportunities the Creative Arts Academy will present for our artists in the future!