Artswork Presentation

Visual & Performing Arts

On Thursday 26 November, our Art & Design students sat in the main hall to hear about the fantastic work of local organisation, Artswork, from Apprenticeship Programme Manager, Anna Brown.

Artswork is a company which champions the arts and advocates for young people going into the creative industries. Anna explained how the creative industries has been one of the biggest sectors for growth over the past two years and how as an industry, it is continuing to expand and offer more opportunities for young people. 

The presentation was interactive, as Anna asked the students to think about the creative industries and how they engaged with them throughout every day life. She also made students consider just how expansive roles in the creative industries are, reflecting on productions such as Wicked and films like Despicable Me 2  which are staffed by many more people than simply the cast. 

Anna went on to focus on the positive impact which apprenticeships have for students around the country. She reminded students of their legal rights, with unpaid internships being illegal in the UK. 

Students got a chance to hear from other young people doing apprenticeships with a short film and a quick speech from Layla, an apprentice currently working with Artswork. 

After the presentation, many students went and spoke to Anna and Layla personally to find out more about Artswork, apprenticeships and how they could get involved. 

It was an excellent opportunity for students to consider their future pathway and think about the variety of options available for entry into the creative industries.