Casting to Performance in Two Days!

Visual & Performing Arts

Several of our Performing Arts students were taken off timetable for Tuesday 3 – Wednesday  4 November as part of the Creative Arts Academy launch. Students were involved in a variety of projects over the course of the two days, which they then presented to guests from the local community on Wednesday during the formal opening of the buildings.

Our Dance students were working hard with teacher, Ria Archer, in the Dance studio. Ria introduced the dance troupe, Revamp, to our guests and acknowledged their next showcase coming up on Wednesday 16 December. The students were a mixed bunch, combining first, second and third years for their final performance which was set to ‘The Circle of Life’ from The Lion King. The performance was eclectic, with the group dancing together, in groups and individually.

Music students were also involved in the launch event. In college the students spent their two days going from writing to recording. Their challenge was to write brand new songs, produce them and record them, all in the space of two days. The tracks would then be put on CD. The CDs would even have their own jackets, designed by Graphics students from Art & Design. During our formal launch event, music students performed for our guests in the studio, complete with lighting.

Upstairs in the rehearsal rooms and theatre, a variety of plays were being acted out by several drama groups. Students got to see what’s involved in performance on a very short timescale, similar to what they would have to face in industry. With the students off-timetable, it gave the groups a chance to commit to their performance and spend time rehearsing and amending their work, with direction from Learning Area Manager, Kate Matthews.

Kate went on to say that the launch event had ‘been amazing’, with the students ‘getting to see the whole process’ of a production. The students even had the opportunity to take their head-shots, ‘an actor’s bread and butter’, with the photography students in the new photography studio. The collaboration between these two subject areas allowed the students to get a real idea of what working in the industry is like and who else they might need to work with during their careers.

The whole event offered a very unique opportunity for our performing arts students and they’re looking forward to the next show coming up in December!