Chris Bigg Seminar

Visual & Performing Arts

On Monday 16 November, our Art & Design students were visited by industry professional, Chris Bigg. Chris has been practising graphic design for the past 25 years with clients spanning music, fashion and education.

Heis probably best known for his work at v23 in collaboration with Vaughan Oliver, for 4AD and other record labels, designing and assisting some of the best loved album art of our times. Recently Chris has been teaching at both at the University of Southampton and the University of Brighton  giving lectures that describe his work, his experiences and inspirations.

Chris has extensive experience in all areas of graphic design, photography, calligraphy and art direction. He has worked in music packaging creating cover art, special editions, posters, press ads, merchandising, production and moving image as well as book design and exhibition design.

Chris spoke to the students about his work, his design processes, the industry and his contacts. He placed lots of importance on physical processes and how they are being replaced by computers. 

Chris emphasised the importance of sketchbooks to keep notes and develop ideas. He also discussed the topic of dyslexia, which many professionals are only receiving diagnosis for much later in their careers. 

Recent clients include: The Pixies, Cocteau Twins, David Sylvian, Wolfgang Press, Belly, Throwing Muses, Michael Brook, Scott Walker and more recent bands, The Big Pink, Gang Gang Dance, TV on The Radio, Blonde Redhead and Stornoway to name only a few.

Students had an excellent time listening to his talk and Chris is expected to come back to the college to hold a workshop with Itchen's Graphics students. This workshop is just one example of how the Creative Arts Academy is helping to connect students with industry professionals.