Graphics Students Visited By Graphic Designer

Visual & Performing Arts

On Tuesday 4 June, our Graphics students were treated to a guest lecture by freelance graphic designer Ian Jackman Read.

Ian has designed artwork, merchandise and promotional campaigns for bands such as The Charlatans, The Vaccines, A Certain Ratio and Peter Doherty.

His career has allowed him to combine his love of music and graphic design and he told our students about how he had always wanted to be a graphic designer. His wages from his first graphic design job were spent on buying vinyl records and the covers of these records are what inspired his work.

Social media has played a part in his work, allowing him to connect to potential clients and share his work more readily. Ian spoke about how one reply to a tweet by Tim Burgess (lead singer of The Charlatans) lead to years of paid work with the band, including branding ‘Tim Peaks Coffee’ and designing band merchandise, tour posters, album art and marketing campaigns. Some of his most memorable work include a tube map and periodic table both listing the entire works of The Charlatans at the time. Ian said one of his favourite things to do is to use something contemporary to create something memorable, emphasising to our students about finding inspiration from everything.

Some of the projects Ian has worked on, such as being part of the team organising the North by Northwich Festival in 2018 (he designed all of the promotional materials), have come about by doing different things to stand out and get people to notice as well as by simply having fun.

When asked what his favourite work he’s created is, Ian said it was the butterfly artwork he created for the band A Certain Ratio. This was used on a limited edition print run of 100 posters, as well as turned into a book of postcards. Ian explained his working process, involving use of both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Thank you Ian for coming in to talk to our students and share your career with them. We hope they’ve been inspired to try something new!