Guest Lecture by Steven Wilson

Visual & Performing Arts

On Thursday 3 March, our Art & Design students gathered in the main hall for a guest lecture from established illustrator, Steven Wilson.

Steven works as a freelance illustrator and has worked with a variety of big names over the years including Robert Plant, Twenty-One Pilots and even big name brands such as Costa.

The lecture began with Steven explaining how he started his career as an illustrator, attending university in Brighton to learn traditional illustrative methods. He spoke about how his degree encouraged him to experiment with a variety of illustration methods.

However, once Steven left university and started working as a freelance illustrator, he quickly realised that he needed to adapt his skills for the digital age, having never used computer software, such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, during the course of his degree.

With these self-taught skills, Steven began to learn and develop, gaining new clients and gradually building upon his 'psychedelic' style and brand as an artist. Considering his work, Steven told the Art students how he gained inspiration from a variety of sources, including flea markets and charity shops. It was a good reminder for the students that inspiration can come from the most unexpected places.

The talk was a fantastic opportunity for our students to see the challenges which come with freelance work, the need for commitment and determination in the art industry and one example of a route into the creative industries. After the talk, a few students stopped to speak to Steven about his work and even ask for an autograph!

We look forward to having even more guest speakers in as part of our Creative Arts Academy.