Performing Arts Students Compete in Take The Stage

Visual & Performing Arts

Two groups of our Performing Arts students are competing in the 'Take The Stage' competition at Southampton Solent University on Friday against undergraduate performers. 

Our two groups competing are '1 in 4 Men' and 'Wasted'.

You can watch the event live at 1.30pm on Friday 23 March on Facebook and then vote for your favourite once all groups have performed. In order to vote, you'll need to visit and click 'student login'. The login is TTSUK.

1 in 4 Men

1 in 4 men in the UK have contemplated or attempted suicide. Suicide rates for women are much lower. An unobtainable standard of masculinity, forced upon boys from an early age, prevents them from seeking help. Distress left untreated due to fear of stigmatization for admitting to being mentally ill, in men especially, can prevent them from seeking help. Overcoming stigma of mental illness and challenging damaging concepts of masculinity, were central to this piece of performance art. The aim is to encourage men to talk about mental illness and halt the silence around male suicide.

The students performing are:

  • Jodie Griffin
  • Elliot Cox
  • Emily Francis
  • Sean Wiltshire
  • Chiara Larcher



Wasted by Kate Tempest follows three childhood friends Ted, Danny and Charlotte as they mark the anniversary of friend Tony’s death. Set in the south of London and in the present day, we witness the twenty-year-olds as they hit disillusionment with adulthood after the hedonistic freedoms of adolescence. Tony’s death, ten years to the day, looms over the play reminding the three of the lack of purpose within their own lives.

Jasmine’s monologue expresses the entrapment character Charlotte feels with in her job as a teacher. We see the character question her purpose asking if this is her ‘calling’ as she becomes submerged in doubt and unfulfillment. It would appear that in her youth, Charlotte had an enormous amount of ambition and passion for life, determined to educate young students. However now in her mid-twenties it is evident things have not quite lived up to expectation with the character trapped in turmoil. Stuck in a system where the resources are old, the kids are full of swear words and the teachers hate their jobs Charlotte cannot bear to be a pawn in this fruitless ritual any longer. Walking out of the school Charlotte quits her job with plans to travel to India. Jasmine’s monologue is the build-up before the climax, releasing these suppressed emotions she has been feeling.

The students performing are:

  • Jasmine Armstrong
  • Grace Aluko
  • Kerry Lockett
  • Daisy Collins
  • Nina Vackova
  • Amy Rolfe