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We have a number of policies relating directly to students in the college. Please click on the relevant policy for further details.

A full list of our policies for staff and students can be found on Moodle, under college policies and guidelines. If you would like to see a policy which cannot be found on this website and do not have a Moodle login, please contact the college.

admissions policy
attendance & support policy (parent & student version 2021-22)
Bullying & Harassment procedure
children on site policy
Child and vulnerable adult policy
complaints policy
drugs and related issues policy
Equality & diversity policy
Exam access arrangements 21-22
21-22 Examinations contingency plan
Exam coursework malpractice guidelines
exams emergency evacuation policy
Exam fee policy
exams internal appeals policy
exams resit policy
Management of controlled assessments 21-22 policy
vocational courses assessment policy Sept 2021
Fitness to study policy
HE Access and Participation Statement
HE Terms and Conditions
Health & Safety policy
IAG policy
Learner Voice Strategy
Malpractice & Maladministration policy
overarching safeguarding statement
Prevent policy
SEND policy
Student bring your own device policy
student privacy notice

Summer 2021 Itchen Teacher Assessed Grades Policy

Transgender policy
Whistleblowing policy
work experience & volunteering policy