School Liaison Programme

Our school liaison programme extends throughout Hampshire and sees our staff provide information and guidance to local schools, as well as running summer taster sessions for Years 9, 10 and 11 at Itchen. 

If you are a careers representative in a Hampshire school and are interested in having Itchen come to your school, or would like to send your students to our summer in-college taster events, please get in contact with our School Liaison Marketing Manager, Shirley Eastwood.

We can offer your school:

  • Assemblies
  • Careers fair stands
  • Parent evening stands 
  • College application support
  • Specialist workshops 
  • Taster sessions for Years 9, 10 and 11

Assemblies/careers fairs/parents' evenings

We are happy to come into your school and introduce you to everything Itchen has to offer. Itchen can offer assembly presentations, man stands at careers fairs or attend your parents evenings, for students and parents who have college-related questions. 

College application support/specialist workshops

We want to help your students making college applications and are happy to come into your school and support college application sessions. We can answer questions about the college application form, course choices and help proofread. Our representatives can also come into your school to provide workshops on specialist topics, such as revision guidance or what students should expect at an interview. 

GATEway (Year 9)

Our Year 9 GATEway programme is an extension of our High Performance Academy at Itchen for gifted and talented students. The GATEway taster days are split over two days in college and one day visiting a university for school groups on a pro rata basis. The aim of the taster sessions is to introduce Year 9s to college and the potential subjects they may want to study. 

Taster Days (Year 10)

Our Year 10 Taster Days are open to lots of school groups and generally cover four or five days, in which your year group may be partnered with other visiting schools. The aim of the Year 10 taster sessions is to introduce all Year 10 students to the type of college subjects they will be deciding upon in Year 11 and reinforce the need for good GCSE results.

Welcome Event (Year 11) 

Our Welcome Event is specifically for Year 11s who have applied to Itchen. The students will get a flavour of the type of lessons they will be starting in September and get up to seven choices of taster session, helping them to narrow their subject choices if they are undecided.