My Life During Lockdown

Desiree - Germany

The whole England is in lockdown, but that has in no way worsened my time here. Even though shops, schools and restaurants are closed, and you have stricter rules to follow, you can still enjoy your unique time and do lots of activities after online school, in person as well as through the Internet. I spend much time with my family by going for walks with our two dogs or watching movies together. However, I am also doing sport and lots of other activities, such as going for many walks, where you always get to know new corners of Southampton, drinking hot chocolate together or watching films online and playing games. These activities never get boring and you are always surrounded by people you love which makes the lockdown much better. The situation in my home country is very similar but staying here during the lockdown helped me with being even more independent as well.

Gloria - Italy

My name is Gloria, I’m an exchange student from Italy and my experience here in England started on January 4th. I was immediately comfortable with my host family here, they made me feel homely and part of the family from the first moment. Despite the lockdown situation we are currently in, I am thankful that I was able to leave Italy to have this amazing experience in the UK. Of course I hope to return to school as soon as possible, but I still manage to do a variety of activities to pass my time. Fortunately, together with my host family I always find something to do, we share a passion for cooking, so we spend a lot of time trying new recipes; but we also watch movies and much more. I’ve also enjoyed exploring the local area by going on dog walks with my host family. Thanks to the lockdown activities that Itchen college has introduced for us international students, we always find something new to do. Respecting the rules of the Covid19, me and the other students had the opportunity to meet in pairs outside for a coffee as well as exercising together. I'm sure the lockdown situation will improve shortly and I think this experience is teaching me a lot especially during this unusual time.

Candice - Switzerland

It has been almost two months that we are officially in lockdown. I tried to keep myself as busy as possible, but it was not always easy. Fortunately, we have online lessons taking up most of our time. The teachers are very supportive and are aware that this situation can sometimes be hard to handle. I tried to go out for a walk everyday, but I have to admit that sometimes it was difficult to get motivated. The fact that we can meet one person outside is great, even if it would have been better to meet more friends, at least we can talk to someone who goes through the same things. I also did some workouts in my room, which helped me a lot, physically and mentally. In February, ideas for activities to do during lockdown have been uploaded to Google Classroom. All students should try to do at least two activities per week. It is a good idea because it allows us to do something different from working or just going for a walk. For example, we could go for a drink with a friend or cook something from our country and the others have to guess the name of it or the ingredients. There are really fun ideas and I think that it is important to keep ourselves busy during this tough time. It would have been a little bit different if I was in my home country, as the schools are still open in Switzerland, but otherwise the restrictions are similar. I believe that staying here during the lockdown has made me more autonomous.

Francesca - Italy

In August 2020 I left Italy and I started my exchange year. I knew there was the possibility of restrictions due to the virus but despite my fear I left my comfort zone and I challenged myself. My first 4 months in Southampton have been wonderful: I immediately loved the college, all its opportunities and initiatives, and every single person around me to whom I’m so grateful. 

Unfortunately the 26th of December a new lockdown started. It has been hard, it seemed like everything fell apart. That was the moment I realized the biggest challenge was starting. I spent the majority of the time with my host parents and my host sister who were always there for me. The college managed to organize some permitted activities to keep us active such as walking for 2 hours, take a coffee or playing team games on a platform called Houseparty.  Although it hasn’t always been easy everyone went through it and now we’re ready to get our payback and go back to college and slowly to our normal life that everyone misses so much.