Making a Complaint

Informal stage:

  • Students can initially try to solve the complaint themselves with the person involved
  • If this is not appropriate, then the Head of Faculty, Guidance and Support Manager or an Assistant Principal can be approached, who will pass it on to the appropriate member of staff
  • Informal complaints will be responded to within ten working days
  • If the outcome of the informal complaint is not satisfactory or if the problem cannot be resolved informally, the student has the right to make a formal complaint

Formal stage:

  • This can be done by completing a complaint form from Reception or in Appendix 2 of the complaints policy and handing it, in a sealed envelope, into Reception for the attention of the Principal's office. 
  • A formal complaint must be made in writing within one month of the incident, by the person directly concerned or individual acting on their behalf.

With all complaints we look to acknowledge and provide an initial response within five working days of receipt. The college aims to provide a definitive reply to a formal complaint within one month of being received.