Communication and Keeping Parents Informed


We encourage parents to contact us by email. Every member of staff at Itchen has an email address which follows a simple format - the initial letter of their first name followed immediately by their surname and a common ending of So for example, John Smith's email address would be

Emergency Messages

In exceptional circumstances, it may be possible to take an external message to a student. However, it should be remembered that nearly every student has a different timetable and while every effort would be made to help in an emergency, staff cannot always be sure to be able to pass on the message.

Keeping Parents Informed

We keep parents informed by letter, text, phone calls and through email. Parents are able to contact tutors and review their child's progress through our Parent Portal, accessible through the college website. If you do not have a login for this system, please contact our CIS team at

Monitoring Progress 

Your son/daughter’s progress will be monitored closely throughout the year. In each course they will be given a series of progress grades giving them and parents an indication of the grade at which they are working at various times through the academic year. They are not necessarily a prediction of what the student will achieve at the end of the course. These progress scores can be found on the Parent Portal. 

For A Level, vocational and other courses, the ATGs are calculated by reference to a national database. For other courses, ATGs are based on a combination of average GCSE grades and students’ current standards of work. Student progress is measured against their ATGs using the college’s ‘progress tracker’.

If the student is underachieving, action will be taken and support will be put in place. This may involve the student working with one of our Progress Mentors or with the staff from Support4Learning.