Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is an excellent opportunity for students to take on a project similar to those they will undertake at university, and gain a qualification worth half an A Level. It is open to all students at the college, even if they are not part of the High Performance Academy.

What is the project about?

Students will choose their own field and focus, so the project can be about whatever you decide you want to focus on. This may be a subject related to what you want to study at higher education, or it may revolve around another taught subject, hobby or interest.

How will my work be presented?

Students display their work in the form of an essay (minimum word count is 5000 words), an artefact, or a performance. Students will also be able to present their work to fellow students once the project is completed.

How will it be useful for going into higher education?

You can discuss your EPQ either in your personal statement when applying for UCAS, or at a university interview. It displays your levels of dedication, motivation in doing an independent project, and your interest in a particular subject. The project also provides a realistic idea for students of what university work will be like.

What do universities think of the qualification?

The qualification is highly regarded by universities, with the local Russell Group university, the University of Southampton, lowering their entry requirements for certain subjects if students are predicted an A* or A in their EPQ.

Do I have to do an EPQ as part of the High Performance Academy?

It is the students' choice as to whether they want to commit to an EPQ. However, once started we recommend you finish it.

Where do I find out more about the project?

Bridget Jones, the High Performance Academy Coordinator, also co-ordinates the EPQs submitted by students, so please contact her for more information.