Our Remote Learning Offer

UK 16-19

During this period of lockdown all students (including 16-18 and adults) will continue to be able access their normal timetable delivered remotely via Google Meet and Google Classroom. Students should follow their timetable to join live lessons online at the scheduled time. On occasions a live lesson may not be possible or appropriate, when this occurs work will be set for students to complete via Google classroom. 

Students are expected to attend remotely following their timetable, registers will be taken and attendance and work completion will be monitored using the usual processes. Students should complete all work set using Google classroom to submit assignments and receive feedback. 

When teachers are concerned about non-attendance or low work completion they will contact students and where appropriate parents and utilise the support process to ensure that students do not fall behind. 

Where students would normally undertake a practical element of their course such as sport practicals, science experiments or performances, these will not be able to take place in their usual manner. Alternative arrangements will be made to enable students to undertake remote activity or focus on theory. 

Students who do not have a suitable device to access lessons can borrow a chromebook from the college to both access Google meets and complete their assignments. The college is also able to assist with providing internet connectivity. The college is also open every day between 9.30am and 4:00pm for students who do not have a suitable place to study at home as well as for students who may be vulnerable or are children of keyworkers. 

For students with SEND, a variety of measures are in place as is appropriate to the individual student. Students continue to receive regular support from teaching and support staff including scheduled 1:1s, support in remote lessons and adjustments to resources and assessments. A very small number of students also continue to receive onsite provision where this is most appropriate for their learning needs.