Update on Coronavirus Testing and Collection

UK 16-19

Dear all

Over 1100 testing kits have now been collected from college – a magnificent response. Thank you all so much for making the effort to get into college to collect your personalised kit.

Thanks also to those of you who dropped off saliva samples for the Tuesday lunchtime collection. Most of you will have received your NHS text message by now – if you test positive you’ll need to organise a formal test at a testing centre. If you haven’t yet received your NHS text it may be that we do not hold your up-to-date mobile number – please check IRIS and let us have your new number if the number we have on our system is incorrect.

If you were unable to make the Tuesday test and are planning to use the collection today, please remember to collect your saliva sample as soon as you wake up in the morning – before you eat, drink or brush your teeth. Full instructions are given in the pack (a ‘Taking your test’ booklet) and are also included in the PowerPoint sent in the email  on Monday morning. Don’t forget to stick your label lengthways on your sample pot, and bag up your sample as shown in the instructions. Then bring your sample into college this morning (before 1pm) and place it in one of the black crates near the main door into the Reception area.

Your sample can be dropped into any of the black crates (see below). College will be open from 7am to allow you to drop off early if you need to. If you have an online lesson in the morning and need to leave the lesson early to make the 1pm drop-off deadline, please speak with your teacher.

If you used the Tuesday test, you do not need to test again tomorrow – we need you to do just one test each week, on whichever day suits you best (depending on your timetable). Thank you so much for your co-operation. We have been truly impressed by your response.

Steve Perkins