Urgent Update Regarding BTEC and CTEC Exams

UK 16-19

Dear Itchen Student and Parents / Guardians

We have just received a further government announcement regarding the BTEC and CTEC examinations that are due to take place over the next 10 days.

Rather than cancel the exams across the country the government have left it the hands  of individual colleges to decide whether we go ahead.

There have been a number of difficult decisions we have needed to make over the last 10 months. In this case we need to balance the hard work and preparation you have put in and your readiness to take the exam against the risk to your health and that of your families. Equally you would be undertaking examinations we haven’t had the chance to fully prepare you for, and were we to go ahead you may receive grades lower than those we would predict.

Some of you have already contacted me and very sensibly have expressed your fears regarding coming into college, especially after the best part of four weeks at home with your families.

Taking all of this into consideration I have to put your health and safety ahead of going forward with this series of examinations and with great reluctance inform you that we will not go ahead with the exams.

Going forward we will do all that we can to support you to achieve to the best of your ability, and give you every opportunity to demonstrate your ability in the absence of this series of exams. Had we gone ahead you could have been competing against students with centre assessed grades rather than examined grades, potentially presenting further inequality.

I apologise for the late notice, but could you ensure you let your classmates know the content of this email in case they do not pick it up. I particularly apologise to those of you due to take an exam tomorrow.

With best regards

Alex Scott