A Level

If you are interested in the business world and would like to go onto higher education in a related subject or a career in management, business or finance.

This course is for you if:

  • you are thinking of a career in management
  • you want to be your own boss
  • you have an interest in business.

Business combines well with a number of other subjects depending on your interests and career goals. It fits extremely well with Mathematics, IT, Economics, Accounting, Geography, Law, Psychology and Modern Languages.

What will I study on this course?

Business looks at how businesses make decisions and tackle problems, particularly in the areas of marketing, finance, human resources and production. It examines the information required and the techniques available for decision making.

The first year of the course begins by looking at how to start a new business and how to overcome the various problems faced by new entrepreneurs. It continues by looking at the various issues faced by managers in medium sized organisations.

In the second year students will examine a variety of different business strategies aimed to improve the business’ performance and study how they are influenced by their external environment. The strategies of major global companies such as Google, Apple etc will be considered.

Extended opportunities and enrichment

Students who are part of the Business learning area have the opportunity to take part in local work placements, compete in national competitions, visit local schools to do presentations and workshops, as well as attend a variety of other educational visits.  

Where can this course lead to?

Students with A Level Business are very fortunate in having a huge choice of higher education courses to which they can progress. As well as taking a degree or HND in straight Business Studies or Management, they can choose to combine it with another subject or specialism to reflect their particular strengths (eg Business Studies with Accounting, with a Modern Language, with Computing or IT, with Statistics, with Law, with Communications and so on).

Students who have a clear career aim can progress to a degree course in a specific part of the subject (eg Accounting, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Human Resource Management etc).

If you do not wish to progress to higher education you will find your A Level is a useful qualification for a variety of jobs in management, commerce or administration (eg retailing, leisure, financial services, government departments). 

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