Business (Single or Triple Award)

Vocational Level 3

This course is for you if:

  • you enjoy coursework and have good organisational skills
  • you want to study a variety of business topics
  • you like practical tasks that are related to well-known businesses.

Vocational qualifications in Business combine well with a number of other subjects depending on your interests and career goals. They fit extremely well with Economics, Accounting, Law and Travel & Tourism.

What topics will I study? 

This course takes a more vocational and practical approach than the A Level, and looks at how businesses make and carry out their decisions.

The types of topics studied include:

  • How companies market their products
  • The organisation of their workforce
  • How companies raise finances
  • Preparation of accounts

Assignments will require you to carry out your own research, analyse your information and present your findings, sometimes in the form of a written report and occasionally in an oral presentation to others. Some research may be conducted as part of a group.

Throughout the course there will be contact with real business organisations through visits, speakers and work experience placements. Spreadsheets and databases will be used to analyse business data while word processing and presentation software will be used to present business information.

What can I do after this course?

Students with a vocational Level 3 qualification in Business are very fortunate in having a huge choice of higher education courses to which they can progress. As well as taking a degree or HND in Business or Management, they can choose to combine it with another subject or specialism to reflect their particular strengths

If you do not wish to progress to higher education you will find your vocational qualification is a useful qualification for a variety of jobs in management, commerce or administration.

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