Hampshire Dentist Visits Essential Skills

Foundation Learning

On Tuesday 17 January, Essential Skills welcomed Rob, Tracy and Leah to tell the students about their work in a local dental practice. The article below is written by Essential Skills student, Babina Cox.

First of all, we asked our visitors some questions, like:

Next Rob, the dentist, told us to floss our teeth and then brush them, leaving the toothpaste on our teeth rather than rinsing it away. He suggested we drink sugar-free fizzy drinks, even though the acid will still affect our teeth. He also told us that smoking affects the gums so, by 35 years old a person may need serious treatment for their teeth.

Tracy and Leah gave us a flossette to try, then we each had a turn at sitting in the ‘dentist’s chair’ while Rob checked our teeth. After this he gave us a ‘goodie’ bag with basic items including a disclosing tablet which, when chewed, shows up where the bits that you have missed need brushing!

It was an informative visit and we look forward to more visits in Essential Skills.