Biology and Chemistry Students Visit University of Southampton

Mathematics, Computing & Science

On Monday 22nd January, biology and chemistry students visited the University of Southampton to take part in lab sessions alongside third-year university and post graduate students.

The thirteen chemistry students headed to the laboratories to work on extracting the saturated fat Trimyristin from a nutmeg seed.

After students had extracted the substance, they had the chance to use mass spectroscopy, which measures the mass of different molecules in a sample, thin layer chromatography, which separates mixtures, and melting point equipment to test the purity of the substances they extracted.

The nine Biology students took part in two practical sessions relating to neuroscience and cell biology.

The emphasis of the sessions was on the way that the nervous system controls behaviour and physiology and students got to use different machines to measure brain signals and also microscopic equipment to analyse cells.

The activities were part of the University of Southampton’s twilight sessions which offer year 12 students practical experience of what lessons at university are like.