Science Students Visit LifeLab and Attend NHS Event

Mathematics, Computing & Science

BTEC and A-level science students got to experience two hands-on events as they explored the possible careers that studying science can lead to.

On Tuesday 20 March, students took part in an NHS event aimed to provide an onsite experience offering students the opportunity to investigate, discuss and gather information on a range of careers available in the Healthcare Science and Allied Health professions. This was an ideal opportunity for students to experience hands-on activities and to explore a range of careers other than doctors and nursing and particularly science based careers within the NHS.

On Thursday 19 April, a group of students headed to the Southampton General Hospital to visit the University of Southampton’s LifeLab. The state-of-the-art teaching laboratory gives students the opportunity to learn first-hand some of the science behind the work that staff at the hospital undertake.

They heard from working scientists about their fascinating work in epigenetics which is the study of changes in gene function without changing the DNA sequence. They also got the chance to run PCR and gel electrophoresis which is a technique to make copies of specific DNA and they used ultrasound scans.

Photos from the two trips can be seen in the ‘See Us Action’ section to the right of this article.