Elliot Broomfield Creates Autism Inspired Final Piece

Visual & Performing Arts

Itchen College student Elliot Broomfield has created a fantastic piece of artwork titled ‘A / Neurotypical Day’, which was produced as a visual representation of life with autism. Elliot, who previously attended Chamberlayne College for the Arts, is on the autism spectrum himself and says that the piece is intended to represent the daily challenges he faces. Whilst also studying Performing Arts, Elliot has chosen to submit ‘A / Neurotypical Day' as his final piece for his CTEC Art & Design course.

The piece is unique as it has been designed entirely on a set of wooden blinds using a combination of coloured pens and acrylic paint. This decision was made after taking inspiration from artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, who was well known for finding alternative materials to use as a canvas. The artwork also features many printed quotes from Temple Grandin, an American scientist and animal behaviourist who is well known as a spokesperson for autism rights and for discussing her positive experiences as someone on the autism spectrum.

Elliot spoke on his final piece and his time at Itchen Sixth Form College:

“I am proud of what I have managed to achieve here at Itchen, especially in Art. I wasn’t very creative when I first came here two years ago, but now I am doing well and I have created a final piece that I am really pleased with. I’ve dedicated my final piece to the theme of autism and it is all about what autistic people may face in terms of prejudices and what mental challenges we face day to day. Overall, my college experience has been amazing and I have really found myself here”.

Speaking on Elliot’s development, Teacher of Art & Design Leandro Neres De Alenfel said:

“It has been really great to see the growth of Elliot’s ability. We have studied multiple ways of using a sketchbook, how to develop ideas and how to criticise artwork, with Elliot excelling in all areas. He has become very confident in his practical work and has learnt how to act upon constructive criticism effectively. We are all so happy with how far Elliot has come and he is now ready to research and develop his own designs and ideas”.

We wish Elliot the very best for the future, as he progresses on to Brinsbury College in West Sussex to study Blacksmithing!

This article originally appeared on FE News.