Being a Student FAQ

Here are the answers to a few questions that prospective applicants frequently ask:

Will I need to buy my own books?

No. All of those which are necessary for study in whichever course you choose will be provided, unless acknowledged on the individual course specification.

Please also note that certain courses may on occasion require students to make contributions towards the cost of field trips, materials etc.

Will I be asked to make any financial contribution to the college at all?

Yes. You will be asked to make a contribution of £30 per year towards the College Fund. If your family is in receipt of Income Support you are exempt from paying this contribution. Any student who may find it difficult to pay this cost should write to the Principal for exemption.

Is attendance at lessons compulsory?

Yes. You should aim for 100% attendance and there is a clear correlation between poor grades and poor attendance levels. However, we recognise that students may miss lessons for a variety of valid reasons, and all students are required to phone the college if they are unable to attend lessons through illness or any other reason.

Can I take holidays during term time?

No. You are expected to be in college throughout the term, and there may be consequences if you do take holidays during this time. For more guidance on this issue, see the full Attendance policy in Policies and Procedures, or visit Parent Information.

Do I have to stay in college during my free study periods?

No. This is one of the big differences between college and school. There will be periods during the day where no lessons are timetabled for you. You can use these as study periods and do not have to remain in the college, although independent study is recommended.

Please note that the buses leave at the end of the college day at 4.15pm, so for this reason many students choose to remain in college during their free periods.

What happens if I want to change my course?

Do not worry. Remember, nothing is fixed until enrolment in late summer, so you will have plenty of time to think about the courses which suit you. Once you have started college, if you are unhappy with your choice of courses then please speak to your Tutor as soon as possible to discuss all available options.

How often will my progress be reviewed?

Your progress will be monitored by your teachers, tutor and the Guidance and Support Manager. There will also be two parents' evenings throughout the year, with separate evenings for first and second year students, and one parents' evening for all students.

What sort of food can I buy at college? Is it expensive?

Our café iEAT provides inexpensive meals, salads, sandwiches and snacks. They also offer breakfast, hot meals and drinks. There are vending machines in the college and within two minutes distance of the college is a convenience store, a bakery, café and takeaway shops.