At Itchen, we provide a variety of enrichment opportunities for you during the course of your studies. We believe these enrichment opportunities will allow you meet new people, help build your skills, add to your CV and make your time at Itchen even more enjoyable!


All of our learning areas will provide you with the chance to go on local, national and even international trips. These trips will tie into your courses, letting you contextualise your learning, enrich your studies and explore brand new destinations. Many of our trips also provide you with a chance to conduct research, putting learning into your hands. 

Itchen Student Union

Our Itchen Students’ Union is a key part of Itchen life and gives you the ability to join committees, develop new skills and meet students who care about student life as much as you do.

The ISU regularly run fundraising events, organise student activities and represent the student voice to college management. Being a part of the ISU also gives you the option to become a student governor and represent the student body in an official capacity on our board of governors.

So if you want to organise events and develop your public speaking and communication skills, an ISU role could be for you!  To see more about the ISU, go here

Clubs and societies

The clubs we run at the college are largely created and run by students and passionate staff, representing the variety of interests we have at the college. They currently include:

  • Bands, music and singing groups
  • Christian union club
  • Creative writing club
  • Dance groups
  • Fitness and sports clubs
  • Itchen Radio

The college will support all students who want to set up their own club and we welcome all interests. 

Student ambassadors

Students can be a part of our student ambassador programme. You will help out during major college events including open evenings, taster sessions for Year 9 and 10, and other events throughout the year. You will represent the college to guests and be able to put this role on your CV!

Duke of Edinburgh accredited trips

During holidays, students may want to undertake trips abroad which are accredited by the Duke of Edinburgh award as the residential placement for the Gold award. Oyster Worldwide are one organisation which can provide these trips, more information can be found on their website here.